Frequently asked ???

Can I get a dog today?

No.  We have an application and interview process for our dogs.  This process generally takes two weeks.

Are the dogs free?

This is an adoption service, so technically the dogs are free.  BUT, we charge for the vet care incurred by the dog.  This includes spay/neuter, all vaccines, a full check up by the vet, microchipping and any incidental medication.  The total of the vet care is approximately $250.00, and is the cost of the dog.

What is wrong with these dogs?

Nothing.  These dogs have needed to be rescued from various circumstances, through no fault of their own.  Most commonly people rush out and impulsively buy a dog without a thought of what dog ownership entails. Then once the cute puppy stage is past, reality sets in and they realize that dogs must be walked and played with regardless of the weather or how tired the owner is.

Do Dalmatians shed?

Most definitely.  The common joke is…"Dalmatians shed twice a year - 6 months in the spring and 6 months in the fall!"

Are these rescued dogs deaf?

Some are and some are not.  We do not discriminate on the basis of hearing. Our bottom line criteria for taking a dog into the rescue is aggression. We do not take people aggressive dogs or dogs that have bitten.  Aggression has nothing to do with deafness.

Is it still a Dalmatian if it has brown spots?
Yes.  Dalmatians can be black spotted or brown spotted.  Brown is known as 'liver' coloured.

I heard that Dalmatians are very stupid dogs, is this true?

No.  Dalmatians are very intelligent dogs, who can get the best of their owner.  This is definitely a dog that will keep you on your toes!!  They have 'a sense of humor' and learn commands very quickly, but owners must be patient and tolerate the adolescent phase of this breed.  Physical punishment is definitely a not necessary or recommended and food motivation works wonderfully. Obedience classes are a definite must for any owner of a Dalmatian.

Is Dalmatian spelled with an "o"?
No.  Dalmatian has an "a" at the end.

Why is the Dalmatian a firehouse dog?

The origin of the Dalmatian is clouded in mystery.  Every book you read will give you a different country of origin, but the fact is no one knows where exactly the Dalmatian originated.  At some point in its history, the Dalmatian was associated with gypsies travelling through Europe.  It made its way slowly into the United Kingdom, where its affinity for horses was discovered and the Dalmatian became a carriage dog, running alongside the horses.  When fire-trucks were developed, the Dalmatian was a logical choice to run with the horses pulling the truck.  Hence its birth as the firehouse dog.

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