Dalmatian Adoption & Rescue is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteers who give of their time, ability and homes to help place Dalmatians where they will be well cared for and loved. Our primary goals are to protect the Dalmatians already here, strive to prevent the impulsive purchase of this marketable dog and owner education of any Dalmatian owner who request help.

Dalmatian Adoption & Rescue works with Humane Societies, Animal Control groups and breeders to find suitable homes for unwanted Dalmatians. Dalmatian Adoption & Rescue is already working in conjunction with the Toronto Humane Society, North Peel Humane Society, Oshawa Humane Society, Chatham SPCA, Burlington Animal Aid, TAGS, Midland Humane Society, Oakville Humane Society, Newmarket Humane Society, and the Upper Credit Humane Society.

We have also worked with the Animal Control Centers of York, North York, Etobicoke, Oshawa, Clarington, Brampton and Caledon. We expect most rescue groups will make an association with Dalmatian Adoption & Rescue to help them decrease their load of unwanted dogs.

Dogs received by Dalmatian Adoption & Rescue will be fostered in appropriate homes. Our vet examines every dog and gives all necessary vaccinations and medical treatment. Dalmatian Adoption & Rescue solicits adopters on an ongoing basis. The process from acceptance to adoption generally takes two to four months. If a home is not found for the dog immediately, the dog remains in foster care. The adopters on the list generally specify male or female and an age range, so incoming dogs may not fit their criteria. Circumstances may also change for the adopter, such as a move into an apartment or a change of heart regarding dog ownership.


Dalmatian Adoption & Rescue is an organization that is supported by donations and fundraising activities. The support of vet care, food and supplies that each dog needs can become overwhelming as dogs can be with Dalmatian Adoption & Rescue for some time until they are adopted out to new homes.

Damatian Adoption & Rescue is in attendance at every Pet Convention that we can financially afford to attend. We hand out information, raise money with raffles and let people know that there is a group who can help with Dalmatian problems instead of just giving the dog away. Donations will be accepted from all. Booths at these shows begin at approximately $1000.00. Also, literature and advertising materials are left with every group that Dalmatian Adoption & Rescue makes an association with.

Contact us at: 905-458-1883



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